9:35 pm - Monday July 6, 2020

Ethiopia, Save Yourselves as One People (By Jeff Pearce)

Ethiopia, Save Yourselves as One People Jeff Pearce  Medium So a while before I wrote this, BBC World just gave maybe five to seven minutes to the 166 reported dead so far from the violent protests. A smart, young Ethiopian reporter,...

What is it to be Ethiopian? At home & abroad, discussion with Prof. Ephraim Isaac - Adebabay Media

Madingo Afework ¨Tana¨ ጣና (Video)

President Trump Threatens to Freeze WHO Funding Because of its Outspoken African Boss - 2nacheki

French Doctors Propose on Live Tv Using Africans as Guinea pigs For Coronavirus Treatments - 2nacheki

Ethiopia says no single death from Coronavirus disease so far - Borkena

Number of Coronavirus patients in Ethiopia climbed to 21 but there is not death from it so far, according to Ministry of Health borkena The number of Coronavirus Patients has now reached 21 but no deaths so far, but there are cases of recovery. Ethiopia’s...

Ethiopia: Parents fear for missing Amhara students as universities close over Covid-19 - Amnesty International

As universities across Ethiopia close to avert spread of the COVID-19 virus, Amnesty International is calling on the Ethiopian authorities to disclose measures they have taken to rescue 17 Amhara students from Dembi Dolo University in Western...

Fidel Castro and Ethiopia "Our Man in Cuba" (Reyot)

Fidel Castro and Ethiopia “Our Man in Cuba” (Reyot)