5:30 pm - Wednesday July 17, 2019

Ethio 360 Biruk with Habtamu on Current Issues 30 June 2019

Ethiopia's chief of army staff was killed in Addis Ababa by bodyguard: PM's office - Reuters

NAIROBI (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s army chief of staff was killed in his home in Addis Ababa by his bodyguard, the prime minister’s office said on Sunday, linking the attack to Saturday’s coup attempt in the northern state of Amhara. A...

ESAT HR - Interview with Ato Gebremedhin Araya

Ethio 360 ¨Zare Min Ale ¨ Thur 13 Jun 2019

¨Arts Weg¨ Dr. Arvid Hogganvik [Arts TV World]

ESAT Special program Shaleka Dawit w/Giyorgis on Ethiopia Wedet Event June 2019

Ethiopia: Stop harassing Eskinder Nega for his opinions - AMNESTY

Police in Addis Ababa this morning prevented journalist and former Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience, Eskinder Nega, from holding a press conference to announce plans for his new TV station, Senai. Police officers blocked the entrance...

ESAT Interview with Journalist Eskinder Nega