5:10 am - Monday September 28, 2020

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Exclusive Interview with a prominent Ethiopian politician, Ato Andualem Aragie - Weyeyet Magazine

I Saw my Torturer: by Abel Wabella - an excerpt from the play KINGS OF INTEREST (Video)

A Rare Victory for Ethiopia’s Victims

Former Government Official Convicted in Dutch Court for 1970s Killings Felix Horne Senior Researcher, Horn of Africa@felixhorne1 The many victims of the brutal communist military dictatorship that ruled Ethiopia from 1974 to 1991,...

ESAT documentary, Eskinder Nega

U of T professor uncovers churches carved out of rock in Ethiopia

Carving churches out of rock using only a hammer and chisel may seem extraordinary to us, but for those living in rural areas of Ethiopia, it’s simply an expression of faith. “It’s hard work … literally,” says University of Toronto...

Amazing poem at Taytu Cultural [By Bereket Belayneh - Video]


An Italian court has issued an appropriate verdict on the officials responsible for the establishment of a mausoleum for the Fascist criminal typically known as “the butcher of Ethiopia”, Rodolfo Graziani, at an Italian town called Affile....

Dutch prosecutors demand life for Ethiopian war crimes suspect

By Afp In a rare move, Dutch prosecutors Wednesday called for a Dutch-Ethiopian national to be jailed for life for “an atrocious campaign” of war crimes during Ethiopia’s “Red Terror” in the 1970s. “The gravity...