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The victory of Adwa Celebration in Addis Ababa 1996 [Video]

Battle of Adwa (1896)[blackpast.org]

In March, 1896, Ethiopian forces under the leadership of Emperor Menelik II surprised the world by defeating an Italian Army sent to conquer the Empire.  In the following article Raymond Jonas, the Giovanni and Amne Costigan Professor of History...

Professor Bahiru Zewdie about Emperor Menlik II [SBS -Audio]

A video for our dad Andargachew Tsege

#Free Andargachew

Arcishop Abune Petros [EthiopianStory]

Abune Petros was an archbishop of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in much of the central and eastern parts of Ethiopia during the late 1920s and early 1930s.  When Fascist Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935, Abune Petros went to the frontline to...

Who generated the idea (the Addis Ababa Integrated master plan)?

This document proves that the World Bank is the generator of the TPLF master land grab plan. The Bank`s complicity is also known from its previous involvements. It had  also financed and supported the Rural Land Grab the TPLF has been undertaking...

AU Chair Robert Mugabe address: 26th AU Summit [SABC- video]

ESAT Tamagn Guest With Alebachewu Dessalegn [Video1,2&3]