4:12 am - Sunday May 31, 2020

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Dr Fikre Tolossa talks about his latest book [VIDEO]

Ethiopian's canadians Vigil at city center in Edmonton, Alberta Canada [Video]

Ethiopia: State of Emergency Risks New Abuses [HRW]

(Nairobi) – An Ethiopian government directive under a state of emergency contains overly broad and vague provisions that risk triggering a human rights crisis, Human Rights Watch said today in a legal analysis. The government should promptly...

Zone 9 Bloggers of Ethiopia Awarded at Martin Ennals 2016 Ceremony [Video]

Disinformation in T-TPLF Land of Living Lies: Pinocchio Preaches Truth Against Perception in Ethiopia? [Prof Alemayehu]

Author’s Note: This is the third successive commentary I have written on the intensifying T-TPLF disinformation campaign in Ethiopia. On September 5, I  announced that the T-TPLF would soon roll out a massive disinformation campaign to...

Ethiopia: Interview with Journalist Sisay Agena [3CR amharic Radio Melbourne]

Journalist ‪Temesgen Dessalegn‬'s new book to be released

BefeQadu Z. Hailu Temesgen used to criticize revolutions. But not in his last publications on which he turned pro-revolutionary. The defiant Temesgen and his colleagues redefined the purpose of their media outlets as an advocacy...

Jailed Journalist ‪‎Woubshet Taye‬ released his second book from ‪Zeway‬ prison.

BefeQadu Z. Hailu It has been five years since editor-in-chief of now-defunct Awramba Times newspaper, Woubshet Taye, is sent to prison for writing but in the name of ‘terrorism’. His first book titled ‘Yenetsanet Dimtsoch’...