5:05 am - Sunday May 31, 2020

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ESAT Special Documentary Ambassador Girma Biru

The sad story of an Ethiopian prince, taken to England, only to die young [By Martin Plaut]

 Martin Plaut This is a photograph of a sad little boy, who was taken from his family, brought to England, only to die as a youth. The boy in question was Dejazmatch Alemayehu Tewodros, often referred to as HIH Prince Alemayehu or Alamayou...

Ethiopian Running History (Video)

AUSC Presidency’s Special Advisor Professor Mammo Muchie has just returned from West Africa for 7 Jul ‘Integrated African Sustainable Development.

In the West Africa where he gave a series of lectures on innovation from science, technology, engineering and mathematics for an Integrated African Sustainable Development. Being a champion of Pan-Africanism, he believes that innovation can...

Ethiopia: A Harvest of Death and Destruction Since May 28, 1991 [Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam]

The T-TPLF Horsemen of the Apocalypse a quarter of a century later in Ethiopia On May 28, 1991, a rag tag rebel army of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) marched into Ethiopia’s capital. That day shall eternally live in infamy. The...

ESAT Special on Fekade Shewakena May 12 2017

Erimas Legeses's comment on Habtamu Ayalew [EthioTube]

Must watch: Habtamu Ayalew's speech [Video]