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ESAT Eletawi Thu 07 Feb 2019

ESAT Eletawi Thu 31 Jan 2019

Ethiopia: 3 million internally displaced in escalating humanitarian crisis - euronews

Aaron Maasho ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopian prosecutors on Wednesday charged the former president of the Somali Region and 46 others with instigating ethnic violence there last year, as the new prime minister cracks down on the...

ESAT Eletawi Mon 28 Jan 2019

Saudi Arabia releases Ethiopian-born tycoon - Middle East Monitor

Saudi Arabia has released the Saudi-Ethiopian businessman Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi following more than 14 months of detention in a nation-wide crackdown on corruption, official Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) reported yesterday. “The...

Ethiopia bans street begging by Syrians in growing numbers - AP

  Ethiopia is banning street begging by Syrian nationals who have startled people by showing up in growing numbers in recent months. The deputy head of Ethiopia’s immigration office tells The Associated Press that “we...

Ethiopia Finds Mass Grave Of 50 Individuals

New Business Ethiopia The Federal prosecutor office of Ethiopia says it has found mass grave of 50 individuals in Somali region. The killing took place during the regime of the former leader Abdi Illey, who was arrested a few months ago following...

ESAT Eletawi Fri 25 Jan 2019