11:51 pm - Sunday May 19, 2019

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In a Bold Experiment, Ethiopia’s Abiy Aims to Put Citizenship Over Ethnicity - World Politics Review

Frida Ghitis One of the most dramatic political pivots of 2018 occurred in Ethiopia, where the sudden rise of 42-year-old Abiy Ahmed as prime minister ushered in a series of head-spinning reforms in a country long ruled by a deeply repressive...

Abiy Ahmed: The Ethiopian Prime Minister who captured Africa's imagination - CNN

Analysis by Farai Sevenzo, CNN (CNN)At the beginning of 2018, Africa watchers were still reeling from the departure of Robert Mugabe. The Zimbabwe leader’s 37-year tenure had been figuratively bayoneted by his own army in an apparent...

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Ethiopia unaware of border restrictions imposed by Eritrea

cgtn.com The Ethiopian government has denied knowledge of border restrictions imposed by neighboring Eritrea This as reports emerge that Eritrea has severely restricted movement of people and goods from Ethiopia to Eritrea. The two Horn of Africa...

ESAT Eletawi Thu 27 Dec 2018

Abiy Ahmed – bringing a touch of Madiba Magic to Ethiopia - Daily Maverick

By Carien Du Plessis In 2018, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed became the youngest head of state in Africa, and one of the most talked-about in the world. In less than nine months, he’s opened up the political space in Ethiopia, changed...

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