6:45 am - Friday July 19, 2019

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ESAT Addis Ababa Special Event Ana Maria Gomes Speech

ESAT Eletawi Fri 15 Feb 2019

Ethiopia says some 1,000 Oromo rebels give up arms - The East African (press release)

By AFP (blog) Ethiopia has said some 1,000 fighters with the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) rebel group have given up arms and entered rehabilitation camps, according to state media. Popular among the largest ethnic group, the Oromo, the OLF...

Power shift creates new tensions and Tigrayan fears in Ethiopia - IRINnews

Power shift creates new tensions and Tigrayan fears in Ethiopia “Shaking up Ethiopia’s government risks exacerbating several long-simmering ethnic rivalries” James Jeffrey Freelance journalist specialising in Ethiopia and the Horn...

Ethiopian singer Dadhi Gelan killed by stray bullet - BBC

An Ethiopian singer has died after he was hit by a bullet fired to celebrate the opening of a new hotel. Dadhi Gelan was performing in the hotel in Ashufe, a small town in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, when a stray bullet hit him, one of his...

Netherlands court strikes down Dutch grifter's patent claim over Ethiopia's ancient staple grain teff

Netherlands court strikes down Dutch grifter’s patent claim over Ethiopia’s ancient staple grain teffn – Boing Boing (blog) Teff is one of the oldest grains to have been cultivated, a staple for so long that its original cultivation...

ESAT Eletawi Tue 12 Feb 2019

ESAT Eletawi Fri 08 Feb 2019