7:48 am - Saturday December 7, 2019

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Move fast and break things - Ethiopia Insight

by Mistir Sew The Prime Minister’s tactics of populism, appeasement, and disruption have gone as far as they can in this complex political landscape A few months after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed assumed office, a BBC journalist asked...

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Pride and Prejudice: The Crash of Ethiopian Airlines 302 [By Worku Aberra (PhD)]

Pride and Prejudice: The Crash of Ethiopian Airlines 302 By Worku Aberra   When I took my daughter, who was born and raised in Canada, to Ethiopia for her first time, we flew Ethiopian Airlines (EAL) from Frankfurt to Addis Ababa.  As...

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Ethiopia’s transition to democracy has hit a rough patch. It needs support from abroad (By FELIX HORNE)

Los Angeles Times By FELIX HORNE The ascent of Dr. Abiy Ahmed to the post of prime minster in Ethiopia a year ago was a rare positive story in a year filled with grim news globally. Within months of taking office, his administration released...