7:47 am - Saturday December 7, 2019

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Ethio 360 ¨Zare Min Ale¨ Fri 14 Jun 2019

American diplomats discuss changes taking place in Ethiopia

Ethio 360 ¨Zare Min Ale ¨ Thur 13 Jun 2019

Ethiopia: Stop harassing Eskinder Nega for his opinions - AMNESTY

Police in Addis Ababa this morning prevented journalist and former Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience, Eskinder Nega, from holding a press conference to announce plans for his new TV station, Senai. Police officers blocked the entrance...

ESAT Interview with Journalist Eskinder Nega

Journalist and Author Daniel Gezahegn's Medical Fund

Ethiopian journalist and Author of Siwan book, Daniel Gezahegn is in a desperate and urgent need of kidney transplantation. Both of his kidneys are failing. He started his kidney dialysis this year. Due to his serious illness, Daniel was unable...

Ethiopia PM presses plan to return displaced people after violence - Reuters

NAIROBI (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s Prime Minister on Thursday pursued a plan to return displaced people to their homes following ethnic violence, meeting communities who recently went home, as relief workers voiced fears that the initiative...

Ethiopia to try ex-spy chief, Getachew Assefa, in absentia - AfricaNews

Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaba Ethiopia has formally charged a former intelligence chief widely reported to have superintended over systemic rights abuse during his tenure. Getachew Assefa was fired by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in 2018 as part of...