7:19 am - Wednesday August 21, 2019

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Interview with Eng. Yilkal Getnet Semayawi Party Chairman [ECADF-Audio]

ESAT interview Sisay Agena with Ermias legesse-[October 2014]

ESAT Special Interview with Deputy Chief Kathleen O’Connor, U S Department of Justice

Esat Mesay Mekonen with Ato Ermias Legesse- (Part-two)

ESAT Tikuret: Mesay Mekonen with Ermias FRM Communication Deputy Part1

Zone 9 blogger urges world to call for freedom in Ethiopia

By Rachael Levy/CPJ In April, the Ethiopian government imprisoned nine journalists, including six bloggers from Zone 9, in one of the worst crackdowns against free expression in the country. Ethiopia is the second worst...

Golden Pen of Freedom Award preview

South Sudan President Salva Kiir warns of 'famine'

South Sudan’s president has warned his country faces “one of worst famines ever” unless the current conflict is ended, in an interview with the BBC. Salva Kiir also accused his sacked deputy, Riek Machar, of stoking ethnic...