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ESAT Kignit Drama 14 October 2016

Yehunie Belay - "SEKEN BEL" ሰከን በል! NEW Music 2016

Top French honour for Ethiopia's Mahmoud Ahmed

Music In Africa Renowned Ethiopian singer Mahmoud Ahmed has been awarded one of the highest honours of France, the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (the Order of Arts and Letters), at a ceremony held at the Residence of the French Ambassador...

Teddy Afro: Wolo [Ethiopian Music]

Interview With Pioneer Ethiopian Comedian Lemeneh Tadesse [Jossy show]


ESAT Tamagn Show With Fasil Demoze [Video1-4]

Review: ‘Difret’ Confronts Sexism in Ethiopia [nytimes]

By NICOLAS RAPOLDOCT When an Ethiopian girl who survives abduction and rape in “Difret” finds safe haven with her lawyer, you may not expect the question she poses in a quiet moment: Is her host a bad woman? The 14-year-old Hirut (Tizita...