9:10 pm - Thursday March 22, 2018

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Ministry of foreign affairs spokesperson linked with prison torture

by Ethiopia Observer A prisoner charged with armed conspiracy with the Ginbot 7 told a court in Addis Ababa that he was subjected to cruel, inhuman treatment in Addis Ababa central prison (Maekelawi), including receiving beatings and punches...


Author’s Note: This commentary is aimed at the Diaspora Ethiopian media. It aims to accomplish two objectives. First, I aim to openly challenge the Diaspora Ethiopian media not to become unwitting parrots and dupes of the Thugtatorship of...

Ethio Tube: A talk with Wubshet Taye

Ayenew Arega (Shalon) - ''Yamenal Belew'' New Ethiopian Music

Exclusive Interview with a prominent Ethiopian politician, Ato Andualem Aragie - Weyeyet Magazine

Getachew Reda EXPOSED | Leaked Video From TPLF Secret Meeting In Germany

He Owns Much of Ethiopia. The Saudis Won’t Say Where They’re Hiding Him. (The New Work Times)

By Danny Hakim and Ben Hubbard He supplies coffee to Starbucks. He owns much of Ethiopia. And he is known as “Sheikh Mo” in the Clintons’ circle. But the gilded life of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi took a sharp turn in...

Jailed, freed, defiant: Ethiopian journalist fights on (The Citizen)

by Chris Stein/AFP More than six years in jail have not blunted Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega’s criticism of the government that put him there. He was released in February, as part of a broad prisoner amnesty, and remains just as defiant,...