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ESAT Interview with Print Media Journalists

Lemma Megersa’s warning on the situation in Western Ethiopia - Borkena

Lemma Megersa links security problem in Wollega to “entities operating in the name of OLF”   Borkena Oromo regional state head, Lemma Megersa, sent a warning today to what he refers to as “entity that is arming in the name of Oromo...

United Sates To Launch Media Fund Supporting Professional Journalism In Ethiopia

International–New Business Ethiopia   The United Sates Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia announces its plan to launch a media fund to support independent, credible and responsible media that supports the democratization process of...

ESAT Tikuret Sisay with Tamagn on His return to Ethiopia Oct 2018 - Part 2


Sahle-Work Zewde becomes Ethiopia's first female president - BBC

Ethiopian members of parliament have elected Sahle-Work Zewde as the country’s first female president. Ms Sahle-Work is an experienced diplomat who has now become Africa’s only female head of state. Her election to the ceremonial...

ESAT Tikuret Sisay with Tamagn on His return to Ethiopia Oct 2018

Tigray forces in Ethiopia reportedly kill 7 protesters - Anadolu Agency

Protesters of Amhara identity demand they should administered under their own regional state By Addis Getachew ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia At least seven protesters were reportedly killed and several other wounded in clashes with special forces...