2:50 pm - Sunday May 19, 2019

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Shadow falls over Ethiopia reforms as warnings of crisis go unheeded -The Guardian

Having fled violence, a million Ethiopians now face hunger and disease. Yet Abiy Ahmed seems intent only on their return Tom Gardner in Addis Ababa In southern Ethiopia, tens of thousands of people are enduring what aid workers say is a full-blown...

ESAT Eletawi Tue 12 Mar 2019

Eskinder Nega Speech Addis Ababa

No survivors in Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 crash near Addis Ababa - CNN

By Robyn Kriel and Tara John, CNN Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (CNN)All 157 people on board an Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed soon after taking off from Addis Ababa have been killed, the airline said on Sunday morning. The plane, en route...

ESAT Tikuret Reeyot with Dr. Aberham and Ermias on ODPs Statement

ESAT Poleticachin Part I Tue 5 Mar 2019

ESAT Eletawi Mon 04 Mar 2019

Ethiopian Emperor Tewodros II's stolen hair to be returned by UK - BBC

  A British museum is to return a lock of hair that the Ethiopian government considers a national treasure. It was cut from the head of Emperor Tewodros II, who killed himself rather than be taken prisoner by the British during their 1868 invasion...