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The testimony of Ethiopian torture survivors (DW Amharic)

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Kenya’s Government Should Know Free Press is Crucial for Fair Election (HRW)

        Journalists Face Intimidation Around Election Audrey Wabwire East Africa Press Officer Duncan Khaemba, a television journalist in Kenya, was reporting on cases of violence in Kibera, a low-income neighborhood in Nairobi,...

Smugglers Target Ethiopian, Somali Teens for Deadly Trip to Yemen

voanews Despite being seven months pregnant, Mesno Taha left her home in Harerge, Ethiopia to find peace and a better future. She trekked to the Somali zone of Ethiopia, crossed the border into Somalia and paid to board a boat bound for Yemen. After...
Sierra Leone: hundreds feared dead in massive mudslide after heavy rain in Freetown (Video)

Sierra Leone: hundreds feared dead in massive mudslide after heavy rain in Freetown (Video)


Ethiopia’s life under emergency (thehindu)

 Nizar Manek Military helicopters circled above a crowd of thousands during a festival in Ethiopia’s Oromia region in October last. “Down, down TPLF!” one of those who assembled at Bishoftu town in Oromia shouted into a microphone, referring...

Relative calm in Kisumu after Kenya election clashes (aljazeera)

Three people reported killed as police clashed with supporters of defeated presidential candidate Raila Odinga. Hamza Mohamed Kisumu, Kenya – A tense calm prevailed on Saturday in this stronghold of defeated presidential candidate Raila...

The T-TPLF’s Corruption Prosecution Con Game [Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam]

Author’s Note: If I assembled all of the commentaries I wrote on the T-TPLF’s corruption, it would comprise of at least two solid volumes. Back in 2013, I commented extensively on the range of T-TPLF corrupt practices in a number of sectors...

Ethiopia: Dozens Arrested After City Bomb Blast - Police

Bahir Dar city police say dozens of people are being held after a bomb exploded there yesterday, according to Addis Standard. No casualties were reported. The city’s police chief, Commander Walelegn Dagnew, blamed both the explosion,...