3:13 pm - Sunday December 16, 2373

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Ethiopia 'Red Terror' aide Alemu jailed for war crimes (BBC)

A Dutch court has sentenced an aide to Ethiopia’s former communist ruler to life imprisonment for war crimes. Eshetu Alemu, 63, was found guilty of crimes including the execution of 75 people during Ethiopia’s “Red Terror”...

Libya: Ethiopian activist Tamagne Beyene released after a brief detention (Video)

U.S. 'troubled' over Ethiopia's renewed deadly violence, calls for justice (Africanews)

Abdur Rahman Alfa Shaban The United States Embassy in Ethiopia says it is troubled and saddened by deadly violence in the country over the past two days. Reports indicate that about 15 people were killed by state forces in the town of Chelenko...

Tamagne Beyene Released

Tamagne Beyene & Colleague Released After 4 Hours Detention in DC When Protesting Against Abuse of Africans in Libya.

Breaking News - Tamagn Beyene Arrested

Ethiopia targets activists with Israeli spyware: Report

by Jillian Kestler-D’Amours The government of Ethiopia has “apparently” employed spyware purchased from an Israeli defence contractor to spy on independent journalists and dissidents living outside of the country, a recent...

A Call for Help for the Ethiopian People and the International Community!

We are urging the international community to be concerned about the rights and freedoms of all individuals, institutions and individuals, and to bring the people of the world to justice for the actions of any citizen of the country. 38 of the...

Exposed: Ethiopia’s nefarious, comically bungled spyware campaign (Ars Technica)

Publicly traded company helps country spy on critics, no questions asked. DAN GOODIN Researchers have uncovered a nefarious but comically incompetent spyware campaign that’s targeting Ethiopian dissidents in the US, UK, and other countries. A report...