1:47 pm - Tuesday June 27, 2017

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Ethiopia: Collective Punishment by Internet Clampdown [Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam]

Last week, for the third time in the past year, the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (T-TPLF) unplugged the internet. The reasons are a bit fuzzy. Some T-TPLF officials say the shutdown aims to prevent “student cheating...
Los Angels: Professor Berhanu Nega’s full speech (Video)

Los Angels: Professor Berhanu Nega's speech (Video)


Ethiopia turns off internet nationwide as students sit exams [theguardian]

Alex Hern The country has closed its digital borders to prevent leaks during tests after papers were posted online by activists last year Ethiopia has shut off internet access to its citizens, according to reports from inside the...

Empty Suit, Director–General, Gates World Health Organization (G-WHO)[Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam]

I knew from the get go that the whole WHO “election” for “director-general” was a sham, a set up.  Just like the 2015 Ethiopia “election” which resulted in a 100 percent “victory” for the Thugtatorship of the Tigrean People’s...
Yonatan Tesfaye Blue party PR

Ethiopian court jails politician for over 6 years (aljazeera)

Former opposition spokesperson Yonatan Tesfaye sentenced over posts criticising the government’s response to protestsa An Ethiopian court sentenced opposition politician Yonatan Tesfaye to six and a half years in prison on Thursday,...
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Ethiopia: Journalist’s guilty verdict a further slap in the face for justice (AMNESTY)

Responding to reports that Ethiopia’s Federal High Court has found prominent Ethiopian journalist Getachew Shiferaw guilty of “provocation of revolt,” Muthoni Wanyeki, Amnesty International’s Regional Director for East Africa, the Horn...
Reeyot Alemu makes her case against Tedros Adhanom’s candidacy for WHO director general [ESAT]

Reeyot Alemu makes her case against Tedros Adhanom's candidacy for WHO director general [ESAT]


Ethiopia: Reeyot Alemu’s Open letter to the World Health Assembly

As a victim of torture, I oppose Dr. Tedros Adhanom’s candidacy for Director-General of WHO by Reeyot Alemu My name is Reeyot Alemu. I am a journalist and former prisoner of conscience in Ethiopia. I was a columnist for Feteh (Justice) newspaper,...