7:42 pm - Thursday January 17, 2019

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ESAT Yetsehafian Demitsoch Dr Merara Gudina Part II

ESAT Yetsehafian Demitsoch Dr Merara Gudina [Part1-Video]

Dr. Awol Kassim Allo speaks to the ARISE NEWS on the current protests [Video]

ESAT Tikuret With Yared Tibebu Aug 15 2016 [Video]

Ethiopian and Eritrean Ambassadors go head-to-head [KTN]

Interview with Ato Gebremedhin Araya [SBS Amharic]

Interview with Assefa Chabo [SBS Amharic]

Ethiopian journalist: 'I was jailed and tortured' [DW]

He is one of Ethiopia’s most critical journalists. Muluken Tesfaw is in Europe and too scared to return. He doesn’t want to share his location, but talked to DW about press freedom declining dramatically in his country. According to...